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Welcome to the world of Dieppe Bay Villas; an upscale condominium project that is being established at one of the most scenic and breath-taking areas of Antigua in the Eastern Caribbean.


Located just 45 minutes by air south of Puerto Rico, Antigua is arguably one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. It’s an island said to have the best humidity of all the islands, primarily because of its location in the ‘heart’ of the Caribbean. Antigua is blessed with good year-round weather and some of the best beaches you will find anywhere.

Dieppe Bay Villas, located at Dieppe Bay in the Falmouth Harbour, offers its clientele a property in one of the most exclusive areas of Antigua. Access to the property may either be by land or by sea. Clients have a unique opportunity to own property in the only condominium development at Dieppe Bay. All the surrounding properties in this area are private villas and homes owned by several notable individuals.

CIP Approved

Dieppe Bay Villas is one of the projects approved by the government through its Citizenship By Investment (CIP) Unit. Investing in one of these condominiums therefore comes with a package of benefits for owners. Anyone purchasing one of these units will qualify for an Antigua and Barbuda passport, one of the most sought-after passports anywhere. Why? Because the benefits are many.

The Benefits

Owning an Antigua and Barbuda passport allows holders to own property in the country without having to go through the lengthy and costly process of first obtaining an Alien Land Holding Licence, a legal requirement for a non-national. It also means hassle free entry at any of the country’s ports of entry. As a holder of an A&B passport you enter as a National. Based on agreements with other countries, the passport holder has ease of entry into the countries of the European Union requiring no visas. Entry into the United States will require visa and while Canada does not require a visa, the holder will require an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) prior to entry. Entry is allowed for up to six months in any of the countries of Caricom, the grouping of former British territories in the Caribbean.

Dual Citizenship

Antigua and Barbuda allows dual citizenship so the holder of an A&B passport may retain his/her passport from his/her native country as well as owning a passport from this beautiful Caribbean country; thus enjoying the best of both Worlds! This means the being able to spend the cold winter months as a ‘national’ in Antigua and Barbuda (if you’re from a temperate country) and enjoying all of the benefits of being at ‘home’.

Dream Weather

As stated before, Antigua, the larger and more developed of the two islands, is said to have the best humidity of all the islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The temperature does not vary more than ten degrees during the traditional ‘summer’ months from the ‘winter’ months. This means lovely weather is almost guaranteed year-round.

Naple Developers Ltd., the company undertaking this wonderful development, wants to welcome you as an owner/partner in this project. Come, Live the Dream in beautiful Antigua and Barbuda!



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