The Villas at Dieppe Bay

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About Dieppe Bay Villas

Your Home, Your World!..

It’s almost cliché whenever one hears the term ‘home away from home’ and while Naple Developers Ltd., the folks implementing the Dieppe Bay Villas project did not give the term much thought, they are making it possible for you to make the phrase a reality.

The Project

Dieppe Bay Villas is a project that is being developed with the discerning clientele in mind. The overall project will see the construction of 84 condominium units with the first 36 units slated for completion by 2019. Access is available from both land and sea, just one of the many unique features of the project. Read More


Take a look and experience island living. Paradise awaits you in every click, take the tour and live the Caribbean dream now at Dieppe Bay villas located on the beautiful island of Antigua in English Harbour  .

Welcome To English Harbour! Check it out!

English Harbour/Falmouth Harbour area of Antigua is steeped in history and culture of the island.

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This is Paradise! Discover The Dieppe Bay Villas!

Imagin your self becoming a citizen of this beautiful twin island state by owning your very own luxury villa at Dieppe Bay in English harbour. Imagin your Future starts here…

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