Dieppe Bay Villas

Your Home, Your World!

It’s almost cliché whenever one hears the term ‘home away from home’ and while Naple Developers Ltd., the folks implementing the Dieppe Bay Villas project did not give the term much thought, they are making it possible for you to make the phrase a reality.

The Project

Dieppe Bay Villas is a project that is being developed with the discerning clientele in mind. The overall project will see the construction of 84 condominium units with the first 36 units slated for completion by 2018. Access is available from both land and sea, just one of the many unique features of the project.

Each unit at Dieppe Bay Villas will come fully furnished with top brand amenities and an excellent finish. The units are spacious, well laid out and they offer spectacular views of Falmouth Harbour and its surroundings. The property will also have its own large swimming pool and each unit will also have its own individual parking area.


The Falmouth Harbour is adjacent English Harbour, Antigua’s bustling tourist town with its own charm and character. It’s an official port of entry for the country with a variety of restaurants offering international and Caribbean cuisine. Additionally, there’s nightlife as well as sea-based activities at different times of the year. From the annual Antigua Sailing Week (celebrating 50 years in 2017) which sails off on the last Sunday of April to the annual Nicholson’s Yacht Show in December. ASW is the oldest sailing regatta in the entire Caribbean, and one of the oldest worldwide. During the year, there are other activities taking place on land and on the sea.

National Park

Other attractions in the area include the historic Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbour, the only fully restored Georgian naval facility in the world. English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour are located in an area designated by the government as a National Park. This means that only approved developments may take place and there are ongoing efforts to restore and preserve much of the historic sites, buildings and monuments in the area. Shirley’s Heights, from where more photographs are taken than any other place on Antigua, is just a five-minute drive. From there, a breath-taking view of the Dockyard, English Harbour, Falmouth Harbour and neighbouring islands is available to all.

For a change in scenery, one can voyage through the famous ‘Fig-Tree Drive’ the rain forest on the island’s south coast just fifteen minutes away.


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