Naple Developers

The Principals

Derrick and David Hadeed are the principals of Naple Developers Ltd., a CIP approved company that is fully engaged in providing condominiums and other tourism related projects for the emerging CIP market.

While Naple Developers Ltd. is a relatively new company, its principals have been engaged in business pursuits for practically all their lives. The company is an off-shoot of the company their father- Aziz Hanna Hadeed- started over fifty years ago. Both started in the business at an early age. Whilst still students at secondary school, they would spend weekends and holidays assisting their father in the business. That early introduction to the business would serve them well in later year. It taught them the skills they would need to navigate business activities in an increasingly competitive world.

They exposure allowed them to gain much experience and knowledge working alongside their father over those many years. It taught them the importance of customers to a business as well as other factors such as finance, marketing and service.

The Foundation

Over fifty years ago, Aziz Hanna Hadeed opened his first business venture in Antigua and Barbuda, Metal and Wood Furniture Factory, which at one time produced much of the furniture seen in many homes and businesses throughout Antigua. Over time that company gave way to Plastic Foam and Furniture Factory; new name but still a heavy emphasis on locally produced beds, furniture and other items for the home and offices.

As Antigua and Barbuda developed, and with new trade links opening up with furniture producers in other parts of the world, it became difficult for the locally produced furniture to keep pace with similar items produced from abroad. Plastic Foam and Furniture Factory could not match the mass-produced and more stylish designs of the imports. A decision had to be made; the family huddled together and decided to change the focus of the company and to rebrand it, The Furniture Gallery.

It offered for sale top quality furniture for the home or business in a wide variety. Soon, it would become one of the first stops for people wishing to furnish their homes or offices. The range of items included beds, living and dining room furniture, washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, toaster ovens, microwaves and fans.

3-D Enterprises

But even as The Furniture Gallery was making its mark as a leading furniture store, Derrick and David were diversifying their business interests. They formed 3-D Engineering and Construction Company and became actively involved in the construction industry. To date, the company has completed a number of major projects including the Parliament Building, Ocean Village Complex at Jabberwock Beach and Hill’s Park on Friar’s Hill Road which houses both Digicel and the second branch of Courts Furnishings Ltd.

Today, the company lists among its 150 skilled personnel accountants, engineers, architects, masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers all of whom help the company produce the highest quality product.

Enter Naple Developers Ltd.

As Antigua and Barbuda establishes itself as a leader in the citizenship by investment programme, Derrick and his brother see this as an opportunity for them to enter this emerging market by offering the type of projects in which people seeking a second home may have an interest. This was driven by a desire to be fully involved in the country’s development by being leaders in catering for this market.

These are the circumstances that gave birth to Naple Developers Ltd., the company that is developing Dieppe Bay Villas at Falmouth Harbour. The project is a condominium development located at one of the more upscale areas of Antigua. If past successes are an indication, the future is bright for Naple Developers Ltd. and Dieppe Bay Villas.





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